The work permit applications by the immigrants are soaring with every passing year in Canada. This paves the way to greater opportunities for immigrants with a valid job offer. To make this possible and help immigrants realize their dream of working in Canada, the government has listed an option of LMIA-based work permits for them.

A Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA enables Canadian employers to hire Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW). LMIA serves as evidence of non-availability of Canadian citizens or permanent residents for a specific job that results in raising the opportunities for international employees.

A foreign national is not eligible to apply for an LMIA, rather a Canadian employer is entitled to apply for this document. Although there are cases where the foreign workers are exempted from requiring an LMIA, majorly every stream of Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) requires the employer to get an LMIA to be able to hire workers from outside Canada.

LMIA- based Work Permit Application Process

It is a two-step standard process for foreign national to get an LMIA-based work permit:

Step 1: The employers apply to obtain LMIA for TFW.

Step 2: The TFW applies for the work permit visa.

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